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Wolfsburg, Germany

Wolfsburg, Germany

SINPO: 35443 Freq: 7505 kHz

Rec: Perseus Ant: Wellbrook ALA 1530

Hello, I have had very great pleasure in listening to WRNO here in Wolfsburg and I want to send you the following reception report on my observation. I was very amazed to catch your signals in a rather good quality after many, many years!
It would be very nice, if you could be so kind and verify my report with a verification card (QSL-card).

Thank you very much in advance for your kindness!
To show you, that I really heard your station, here is a program summary. Time given is UTC (GMT).
0220 hrs UTC: Religious talks, promo for a book by Robert Mawire, available from Box 895, Fort Worth, TX 76101 0222: Religious pop by female singers 0223: Break in audio, open carrier only 0225: Back into Christian pop female singers “Jesus, Jesus, let it be Your name” 0226: Male announcer, ID 0227: Male singer with religious pop 0229: Male announcer with ID in English 0229: Male singer with religious pop 0233: Christian pop 0235: Classical music, “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” by Mozart 0241: Symphonic classical music until 0245 hrs
I hope that this report is of some interest for you. May I shortly introduce myself: my profession is engineer for Beer Brewing Technology, but I’m working as a system analyst for Volkswagen here in Wolfsburg. My great hobby is listening to Short- and Mediumwave, and I’m “radioactive” now since 1968. Beside my listening activities I also operate my own harmed station, callsign is DD9MW.

Parts of my QSL collection are displayed on the web at

Good luck to the revitalized WRNO and all the best to all at the station!

Kind Regards,

Your Listener